Global climate change, urbanisation, and increasing demand for limited resources. Within this reality, water is of critical importance. Now as never before, an integrated approach to city design has become a necessity to reconcile the challenges of resource management, environmental protection and human quality of life. Tried and trusted conventional infrastructure systems are no longer safe and cost-effective solutions.
The networking of city public space as interactive, ecological infrastructure - publicly visible, technically simple and beautiful - is the basis for a future-oriented approach.
Water sensitive urban design is the next generation of urban infrastructure where habitat, city and recreational space are rolled into one, fulfilling indispensible strategic resource management tasks. Without water, there is no life. Water presents one of the most fundamental and rewarding challenges in our cities today. Our multidisciplinary and cultural approach provides a strong new direction on the cusp of an uncertain, yet promising, future.


How can we make this a reality in a city? Media coverage of climate change is often very negative and full of fear and disaster, and most people are initially wary of change. Climate change is the challenge of our time, and actually offers an exciting opportunity to redefine quality of life in our cities.
The synthesis of the transformation into a blue-green infrastructure inherit a sense of human scale, viable public life, healthy viable water, great inspiring landscape, human experience and learnings of society and solid engineering. In our projects these aspects are married into a competent process from design through to implementation, meeting international standards of design.

On the cutting edge of innovation and sustainability, we offer expertise and professionalism, so that from the maelstrom of creativity a balanced and choreographed reality will evolve.
Services in this field are
  • climate adaptation
  • strategic urban flood management
  • urban river restoration
  • blue-green city masterplanning