Studio Überlingen | 2016

Wing Lo

“Already living in Germany for a couple of years now and studying in Anhalt University, I applied for an internship in Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl with the hope to be a part of a team that would work on projects all over the globe. I got connection with professionals and made strong bonds bringing together our common interests, despite coming from so different cultural backgrounds!”
Studio Überlingen | 2016

Xiaoya Ye

“From Shanghai (China) to Wageningen University (Netherlands) to the Lake of Constanz and Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl, I couldn’t have seen greater contrasts in my lifestyle! Being in Ueberlingen I saw for the first time how beautiful the sky, the lake and nature is and how being in such a beautiful environment changed my life pace.”
Studio Überlingen | 2016

Adrian Labonde

“With a different background from many of my landscape architect colleagues, I came to Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl from Wageningen University’s Adaptive Water Management Program, to join the Water Team of RSD! I am confident my experience here will open a lot of doors for my professional life and it would be great if my road with RSD meets again in the future.”
Studio Überlingen | 2015

Morten Korsgaard

“Well my internship period in Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl came as a unique opportunity to develop my thesis on Sustainable Cities Development and Water-Sensitive Urban Design in extreme climates, while working in real-life exactly such type of projects! In this way I worked closely with the office and the Copenhagen University bringing together academia and practice, and I made the best out of this internship.”
Studio Überlingen | 2014-2015

Florian Matthies

“Coming from Nuertingen University for a six month internship that I later extended to 9 months I was attracted to Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl not only by the quality and fame of the office, but also its unique location by the lake and in close proximity to the Alps. I spent my free time in Ueberlingen biking around the lake, hiking in Saentis, camping and enjoying nature that much that I had to come back the following summer!"
Studio Überlingen | 2014-2015

Mie H. Dehlsen

“Coming from Copenhagen to Ueberlingen, I was welcomed by the Dreiseitl team and from the first day included me in all after-work activities, from hiking in the Alps to cooking and dinner parties, all which made my six months in the office some of the most exciting times of my student years. Not only did I get to work in world famous projects like the Master Plan of Masdar City and topics of sustainability and water-sensitive design, but I got to make great friends from all over the world.”
Studio Überlingen | 2014-2015

Julian Kurz

“I initially was selected by Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl for the Nuertingen University required six month internship, and I later extended my time in Ueberlingen and stayed in total 9 months in the Bodensee area! My time in Dreiseitl passed so fast between learning new software, hard work and lots of team events! ”