What if we could make the complexity of climate adaptive planning… simpler?

Green Scenario provides a software-based collaboration platform building the best case for Climate-First design and planning solutions.


Tech-Enabled Consultancy for Climate Adaptation Planning

In response to the urgent need to tackle how to mitigate the effects of climate change in our urban areas, we have developed a new service offering called ‘Green Scenario’, a digital decision-support tool intended for municipalities and property developers that simplifies the complexity of planning resilient, climate adapted cities, neighbourhoods and places for people.

Green Scenario is a software-based collaboration platform that assesses the full socio-ecological and economic impact of blue-green infrastructure and nature-based solutions via a database-driven matrix. From small building plots up to larger district scales, for existing property retrofits or new developments Green Scenario visualises and compares the effects of all development scenario alternatives set within a real-time, interactive format.

Benefits and Application

Especially critical during the pre-planning feasibility stage when decisions have the largest impact on future success, Green Scenario links the methods and tools of climate adapted planning with scientific based evaluations and an integrated planning process, all supported by a data-driven digital framework.

Arriving at consensus and an approved development plan requires an active form of dialogue that transforms the wishes and desires of impacted parties in a meaningful, open, transparent dialogue. By following our integrated planning process based on three key steps - Analyse & Set Goals, Iterate & Evaluate, Optimise & Solve - Green Scenario offers a Climate-First approach founded on principles of transparency, openness  and  understanding.

Harnessing the power of algorithmic design combined with human expertise and embedded within a practice-tested methodology that puts stakeholder interests first, informed decisions based on factual evidence can be made.

We utilise innovations in digital technology to collect the experience and know-how of climate experts working with city governments, private developers and utility companies into a process-based software tool, allowing our team to support the development of your idea into a grounded concept, rapidly and with the reliability that comes from a project track record of 40 years planning and delivering liveable places for people.

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Step 1: Iterate

Submit only three (3) base documents to begin the process. Set specific goal thresholds, engage in our collaborative workshop format to develop multiple solutions.



Step 2: Evaluate

Generate a myriad of options, assess their feasibility and objectively compare the scenarios. Evaluate all potential options and select a preferred option for detailed assessment based on informed decisions.



Step 3: Solve

Validate the preferred scenario. Optimise solutions and summarise results within a dynamic Feasibility Study including report + online dashboard, all compliant with your specifications and required planning documents. Concept development summarised in a dynamic Feasibility Study compliant with your specifications and required planning documents.